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Night Visions


I have this vision.  I see a young Asian woman.  She is wearing an all white, nondescript wedding gown.  She is solemn, quiet, unhappy and most notably lonely.  Next to her is a Caucasian male.  He is wearing a cheap suit and a red tie.  He is rigid, cold, emotionless and he as well, is alone.  As my vision pans out, a multitude of the same exact couple fills a room that is as grave as its inhabitants.  The room is very symmetrical from above.  Precise lines divide each of the copied couples.  There is a stage and a podium at the head of the room.  At the podium stands a Korean man draped in a white gown, while a gold laced crown sits a top his bald head.  He is quiet with his eyes closed.  He gives off a different energy level, a focused sense of task.  The room maintains an icy stillness.


The Korean man smiles while still closing his eyes.  Suddenly he opens them.  His eyes are a dark red.  His smile predatory.  He picks out a woman from the multiples.  He rapes her.  The remaining attendants watch, with no shift in emotion.  Next he chooses her partner.  He takes his wallet and slaps him in the face.    They return to their spots in the crowd next to each other.  He raises his hands in the air three times and walks off behind stage.  The once emotionless crowd suddenly becomes enraged in the rapture and applauds with deafening enthusiasm.



This is why I love baseball

I have been a Yankee fan since I can remember. I remember my dad turning on the TV and tuning to the Yankees games. Of course he really was not much of a fan but it was something to watch as we lived in NY and there was only 5 channels. What I saw was a game of serious composure and intense drama. I did not know that I was watching baseball’s greatest team ever and would learn the history later, what I did know was that I was excited by Don Mattingly and Phil Rizzuto announcing the games. I loved the baseball diamond. It remains my favorite sports venue. As I began to play the game I began to become a die hard fan of the New York Yankees. I am a true Yankee fan as I like to say. Oddly enough the Yankees were not good when I first began watching. The were a middle of the pack team with one superstar in Mattingly who made the playoffs only once in his entire career.
I moved to Oregon in 1996 and at that time the Yankees reemerged with the likes of Jeter, Rivera and Pettite. They have never looked back and have been the best team in baseball since then winning multiple world series and continuing the dynasty. All along I have maintained my love for the team. You can say what you want about the money and the A-Rods (who did win us a championship in 09), but the fact remains they do it with extreme professionalism. This team is not about A-Rod or even Jeter for that matter. This is the New York Yankees and they spend the most money and they make the most money. Other teams try to duplicate what they do and cannot (see Red Sox). They might have short success but it damn sure is not going to last for a century.

Which brings me to last night. The Yankees were losing for most of the game. Yet while I was freaking out inside an Orioles bar in the heart of Baltimore, the Yankees were not. A-Rod could not hit a beach ball, yet If I was manager I would have said please A-Rod get up there and hit a home run or DO SOMETHING! Yet Joe Girardi calmly told him he was pulling him for a “low ball” hitter and extreme vet Raul Ibanez. To put this in perspective, A-Rod has never been pinch hit for in postseason history and rarely ever unless the Yankees are winning big. The man has hit 600 plus homers and whether you like him or not he is an amazing player. Yet in came Ibanez and A-Rod obliged. As did the Orioles, serving up a tater forever in Yankees lore, to tie up the game. If it ended there I probably would not be writing to you today as I would be depressed and moping around Baltimore (where I currently live) on my day off. Insanely enough Ibanez came up to bat once again in extra innings and you could not write this ending. He proceeded to hit a bomb even farther in to the right field stands to cement his name in a long history and to walk off the field with a win. Whatever happens from this point forward, this game was an example of why the Yankees remain the greatest team in sports.

History is my religion

Goodrich Schauffler

So lately I have been analyzing over and over in my mind the history of myself and the people who have lived before me that made my life possible. I feel as though I have been deprived of my history in a lot of ways. My parents have always talked about ancestors and their sins. This is because my parents believe everyone in the past is sinful and that they have made the right decision to end the line of sin (and forget it) and merge with god and the messiah, who is Rev. Moon. In their minds, and intrinsic in the beliefs of the church, they have rid the sin for future blood lines to be born without what they call “original sin”. I am a blessed child (another word they use to describe the sinless children). Or am I? That is the internal mental battle that I had in my teens and early 20s. As Winnebago man put it, “my mind is a piece of shit!” All kidding aside it has been for two thirds of my life.

The last ten years or so my mind has been cleared of this struggle. I had understood that my parents had fallen in to the “hope” trap that religion sets. In the process I have come to recent realizations that I do not know who I am. Obviously this is cliche in that many people are “looking for themselves”, but I am not talking about what I want to do with my life and where I want my life to go. I am talking about my history. I have been busy deleting the church from my mental files and in the process have accidentally pressed delete all. The reality is, I cannot delete it and I should not delete it, if I am interested as to the reasons why I am who I am.

So in turn I will try to research who came before me, including my parents, and uncover the history that is so vital to my existence. I have lately been angry at my parents for not ever talking about who they were and who their parents were. Well my goal will be to explore this more thoroughly. I recently uncovered a box full of literature written by or about my Grandfather that I have never met and has always been mysterious to me. He has incited a dormant part of my mind that must be more informed.

Here is an article about antique Chinese figurines my grandparents collected that have been sold off by my parents and probably never seen again. I am a “little one” that he helped deliver in to this world, although in a different fashion then the one the article suggests.

Romney jokes and gaffes


Oh Mitt Romney has jokes and this one is fantastic. I mean it is funny. Yet at the same time kind of sad. A man like this is actually considered the top man for the job. One of the two parties that America has to choose from has selected him as essentially the best of their best. I understand the argument that we need more parties, but unless we write a new constitution that is not going to happen. What the Republican party has to offer is a man with visions of a world where he and his wealthy cohorts can look down at the 47% of people he does not care about. All-the-while essentially saying to them, work harder. Those are his words and even though he, Foxnews, Ryan and everyone in the camp tries to portray this statement as poorly worded hopefully the public will not be fooled. The man did not fuck up when he was speaking. He was speaking to a group of people who he cares about and who are his friends. Those are the people he would be most honest with. When everybody in the room can afford a $50,000 dinner meal, he is safe to speak freely. Well thank you Mitt Romney for being so honest and next time remember the people serving you do mean something and that they might be filming your arrogant, divisive and frankly pathetic speech.

Volkswagen Commercial, makes me….. well laugh.

Such a simple idea really works for me. People laughing. The small things in life are what is valuable. Most times I do not remember what was said or even done but rather that I was laughing with others. VW has done a great job here. Sticking with my Honda for now though.

Really digging these two.


Oregon Ducks

Thomas is quite possibly the most exciting Oregon football player ever to come along. Oregon has had many recently in Dixon and James but watching this man is like nothing I have ever seen before. I fully expect him to give the Arizona Wildcats a show.
Canzano Article


Iphone 5 launch

At work at 7 am for the iphone 5 launch. This is going to be hell.



These people are sheep being led to the slaughter. Enjoy your new phone.